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Consulting service suggestion for medium sized companies

  • 01. Most medium sized companies are subject to be audited.
         Therefore, companies often consult with accountant or accounting firm, which is an auditor and ask for tax advices.
  • 02. Recent trend is to seek advice from tax accountant regarding tax issues.
  • 03. The reason for such trend is because of changes in business environments and
         tax administration is operated based on complex principals.
         Therefore, it is economically profitable for companies to seek advice from tax firms, who have more professional knowledge.
  • 04. In addition, regulation regarding auditor's independence for external audit has been tightened and regulation
         forbids the same auditor to provide tax advice for a company.
  • 05. Selim Tax-Accounting Firm provides tax consulting services for medium sized companies.
        1) Selim provides customized tax consulting service by dedicated tax accountant for each clients. (Which cannot be provided by a large sized tax accounting firm)
        2) A dedicated tax accountant can record advisory contents cumulatively, which makes it possible to be handled systematically.
        3) As a result, a company will be able to predict future tax risks.
  • 06. Selim conducts review meeting with dedicated tax accountant, staff members
        and Selim's senior tax accountant. (quarterly or semi-annually)
The environment of medium-sized companies
  • 1) Selim experienced that medium sized companies are vulnerable to tax risks and management regarding tax issues were poor, even if a company has an excellent staff members.
  • 2) We realized that a lack of business conversation with external experts was a main reason, since this situation deprives company to receive systematic tax supporting service. This is something that the company's management has to keep in their mind.
  • 3) Periodic and systematic external consulting services can help employees to renew their capacity and enable companies to cut tax risks. The cost of tax consulting service is very low compared to the benefits that companies earn.
Dedicated tax consulting service -> Improves the employee's capacity, cut a company's tax risks