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Privacy Notice

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Selim Tax Accounting Firm has policy to treat your information, right and difficulty as follows.div>

If the policy is changed we will post it here.

○ This policy will be enforced from 1st Jan 2017.

1. The processing of your information has purposes as bellows and it will not be used other purposes.

1) Website Membership and Management

We deal your information for qualification of membership according to the limited identity verification preventing illegality for service use.

2) Administration.

We keep your information for identification, contact and notice.div>

3) Offering Service or Goods.

We keep your information to offer service, payment information and settlement of charges.

4) Marketing and Adverting.

We keep your information to offer new service (product), eventand advertisement.

2. Your information we collect.

- File name : Selim Tax Accounting Firm.
- Your information : email address, cell phone number, password, log in ID, name, company name, company phone number, record of service use, access log in, payment record.
- Collection method : Website, Writing form, phone/fax.
- Retain basis : your agreement.
- Retain period : 3 years.
- Related law : Record for collection, processing of information : 3 years.Record for payment and offering goods : 5 years.Record for contract and withdrawal : 5 years.

3. Retain period of your information and processing.

① Selim Tax Accounting Firm use your information as related law.div>

② Respective retain period of your information and processing is asfollows.

4. Other Third Party

① Selim Tax Accounting Firm offers your information according to the privacy protection act 17 and 18 with your agreement.

② Selim Tax Accounting Firm offers your information to the third party as follows.

5. Your information reposal

① Selim Tax Accounting Firm consign your information as follows.

② According to the privacy protection act 25, Selim Tax Accounting Firm specifies in a contract technical and management protection, prohibition reconsignment, compensation for damages, prohibition use of your information against consignment.

6. Your right.

① You have rights as follws.
1. Request to access information.
2. Request to correct information.
3. Request to delete information.
4. Request cessation.
② Above rights can be exercised by fax, email and writing paper with 8th form of privacy protection act decree and we will proceed it immediately as you request.
③ If your request deleting or correction of your information we will not use or offer until delete or correct it.
④ Above rights can be exercised by your legal representative. Powers of attorney should be submitted with 11th form of privacy protection act.

7. Your information item.

[Home page membership]

- Essential item : email. password, log in ID.
- Optional item : company phone number, company name, credit card information. service use record, payment record.

8. Destroying your information.
If the purpose is acccomplished your information will be destroyed immediately./div>

- The information will be sent in separated data base and destroyed. If the retain period of your information is passed it will be destroyed within 5 days from the termination date.
If your information is unnecessary it will be destroyed within 5 days from the date.

- Destroy method
Electrical file will be destroyed technically with non renewable method.

9. Security

It will be enforced by the privacy protection act 29.
1. Periodical audit enforcement.
Audit: once per quarter.

2. Educated employee.
A employee is designated to secure your information.

3. Internal management plan.
We have internal management plan to secure your information.

4. Storage access record and prohibition forgery.
We keep access record over 6 months and have security system for forgery prohibition.

5. Limited access.
Accessing right, change, deleting for data base system and network firewall system is enforced.

10. Contact

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

▶ Privacy Notice Manager
Name : Yu-Jung Choi
Positon : Tax Accounting
Tel : 02-854-2100
Email : 
Fax : 02-854-2120 

11. Changes to privacy policy.

The policy will be enforced from enforcement date and we will post any changes here. It will be noticed before 7 days from enforcement date.