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Terms and Conditions

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Article 1. This terms and conditions define right, duty and responsibility of Selim Tax Accounting Firm providing cybermall and user.div>

※ Pc user, wireless users are also included.

Article 2. Definitiondiv>

① Cybermall is internet mall “Selim” operate to provide goods and service.
② User is member and nonmember who receive the service.
③ Member is the person who registered membership in the “cybermall”.
④ Nonmember is the person who is not registered in this cybermall.

Article 3. Explanation of Terms and Conditions

① CEO's name, address, email address, corporate registration number, mail order business registration number, name of the person in charge for privacy policy are posted on initial service screen.

② User right of defense, delivery responsibility refund conditions are posted on the bridging shot and pop-up screen for user to confirm.

③ This terms and conditions can be revised based on 「The act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions etc.」「Regulation of Standardized contracts Act」 「Framework Act on Electronic Commerce」 「Electronic Financial Transaction Act」 「Digital Signature Act」 「The Law regarding the promotion of information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information.」 「Door to Door Selling Act」 「Framework Act on Consumers」etc.
④ When terms and conditions is changed it will be posted on initial screen before 7days till day from applied date. If the changes have disadvantage for user it will have 30 days grace period. It will be posted clearly for you to compare before revised and after revised.
⑤ Terms and conditions will be applied to the contract made after revised it. Contract made before revised it will be applied to old terms and conditions. If user wants to be applied old one it can be applied after getting consent of “Selim” within the notice period by③.>
⑥ Excluded case and interpretation of this this terms and conditions will be applied according to the act on the consumer protections in the electronic commerce trans actions etc., regulation of standardized contracts act, consumer protection act in electronic commerce provided by fair trade commission or commercial practice.

Article 4. Change and Offering of Service

① Working scope of Selim cybermall
1. Offering information on goods or service and making a contract.
2. Delivery of goods and service.
3. Other business Selim designate.
② If product and service are sold out or technical specification is changed, it will be applied to the future contract. It will be posted on this site.
③ User will be informed for the reason on changed contracts to the user's address .
④ We will compensate user's damage but if it is not on purpose we will not Compensate it.

Article 5. Service Termination

① The service can be terminated temporarily for repair, replacement, changing for communication facility (computer etc.)
② If user's damage occurs by ①, we will compensate for it. If it is not our mistake or not on purpose we will not compensate it.
③ If we can not offer service by changing business type, giving up business, merger we notify it according to the Article 8 and compensate for it with condition we suggest at first. If we did not notify the compensation standard, user's mileage point and saved money will be paid by goods and money equivalent to the currency value in the Selim cybermall.

Article 6. Membership

① User request membership with the form filled up under consent of terms and conditions.
② We will accept user as a member except following 3 details.
1. According to the article 7 clause 3 if user lose qualification for membership before , the user can not be a member. But if 3 years passed the user can be a member with our consent.
2. A false entry, omission, errors in form.
3. If user's membership causes problem technically, the user can not be a member.
③ Membership valid date is the time our consent form delivered to user.
④ If user's information is changed, it should be informed to us.

Article 7. Canceling Membership and Disqualification

① Member can request canceling membership anytime and we will handle it immediately.
② Membership can be canceled by following case.
1. Falsely filled up form
2. Non-payment until deadline.
3. Boat rocking e-commerce order: falsely use of information. Prohibiting other's use in the cybermall etc.
4. Acting against law, terms and conditions in the cybermall.
④ When membership is canceled, it will be notified to users. Over 30 days will be given for user to explain.

Article 8. Membership Notification

① Notification will be notified by email address user designate.
② When we notify to common users it will be posted on message board over one week. But if it is for specific user, it will be notified by specific email address.

Article 9. Requesting Purchasing and Consent on Offering Personal Information

① Cybermall user can request purchasing by following methods, we(cybermall) will offer following methods.
1. Surfing product and choosing.
2. Filling up a receiver's name, address, phone number, email address etc.
3. Confirmation for terms and conditions, limited service by application withdrawal rights, payment as delivery fee, installation fee.
4. Declaration of intention on confirm and denying for above No. 3. Consent this terms and conditons. (ex “ click” with mouse).
5. Requesting purchasing product and confirm for it or consent on confirm of “cybermall”.
6. Choosing payment methods.
② When cybermall need to offer user's information to the third party, “cybermall” should get user's consent as follows
1) Offered person 2) Offered person's purpose 3) offering user's information description 4) retain and using period for user's information. ( The case consented information is changed is same.)
③ When we (cybermall) consign user's information to the third party, consignee, details of business affairs should be consented by user. ( The case consented information is changed is same.) But if it is needed for conducting contract and benefit for user, notification by privacy policy can be allowed according to the 「Law regarding the promotion of information and communication network and protection of information」. In this case user's consent is not needed.

Article 10. Formation of Contract

If a contract under article 9 is included following cases(3 cases), it can not be consented by “cybermall”. Minors: When we contract with minors consent of legal representative's consent is needed. If there is not consent of representative's consent, minors and legal representative can cancel the contract and we should notify it to them.

1. False, omission, wrongly written in the form.
2. A person under age buy products as cigarette, liquor prohibited by Juvenile Protection Act.
3. Others : the contract cause technical problem for cybermall.
② If our consent notification is arrived to users with the form of receiving confirm according to the article 12, clause 1 we see it contract is made.
③ Confirmation, possibility to see, correcting and canceling for user's purchasing should be contained.

Article 11. Payment Method

Payment methods are as follows. We can not request any commission for the product except the price for the product.
1. All kinds of transferring money, phone banking, internet banking, mail banking etc.
2. All kinds of credit card by prepaid card, a debit card, credit card etc.
3. Making a deposit without bankbook.
4. Payment by electronic money
5. Payment with receiving product.
6. Payment by point we offer, mileage etc.
7. Payment by gift card we made a contract or agreed.
8. Payment by others electronic payment methods.

Article 12. Notification for Receiving Product, Change or Canceling Purchasing Requisition.

① We notify to users for receiving purchase requisition.
② User can request canceling or change for purchasing requisition immediately after receiving “received notification” by cybermall. We use deal with it immediately. If it is already paid we follow the article 15 “customers right of defense”.

Article 13. Offering Products

① We should take a step for manufacturing, packaging to deliver a product within 7 days from order. If we received total price or price partly we should take a step within 3 business days from the payment. We should take steps for user to see the delivery procedure.
② We should specify delivery method, charger for delivery, delivery period for the product. If the delivery period is passed we should compensate it. If we did not it intentionally or if it is not our fault we need not to compensate it.

Article 14. Refund

If we cannot offer product for out of stock we will notify to user immediately. If we received payment already we will refund or take a step for refund within 3 business days.

① User who contracted with us for product can cancel contract within 7 days from the date written contract is arrived or the date product is provided when product providing is late than contract arriving date according to the 「Act on the Consumer Protection in the e-commerce Transaction etc.」
If there is other regulation on canceling contract by 「The Act on the Consumer Protection in the e-commerce Transaction 」, this regulation is applied to it.
② Refund or exchange product are not possible if it is belong to one from below 4 articles.
1. The product is broken caused by user. ( (but if package is damaged to see the product, canceling contract is possible.)
2. Product is debased by the using of user.
3. Resale product is impossible by lapse of time.
4. The case product duplication is possible : Package is torn.
③ In the case of ② 2, 4, If we did not specify it on the packing customer can see easily or did not offer test product, user's canceling product is not limitted.
④ In spite of the ①,② if the product is different from the advertising, description displayed and product is delivered wrongly with the contract, contract can be canceled within 3 days from product is supplied and 30 days from the date the user know the fact and might know the fact.

Article 16. Effect of Canceling Contract

① We pay refund within 3 business days from receiving product.
If we delay the refund delay interest will be paid for delayed period according to the 「Decree of the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions etc.」 Article 21. Clause 2.
② If user paid by credit card or electronic money we will request business operator stopping or canceling billing.
③ Return delivery fee is paid by user. We don't request cancellation charge or compensation for damage when the delivered product is different from the contract or advertising, we will pay for the return fee.
④ If user paid delivery for the product to receive the product, we should specify clearly who will pay return fee.

Article 17. Privacy Policy

① we will collect minimum information of user to offer service.
② We don't collect user's information in advance for purchasing when joining membership.
③ For Joining membership, we notify the purpose and get consent from user.
④ We cannot use user's information for other purpose and if we need to supply it to the third party we notify it to user and get consent. But it there is other regulation in the law related to this exception is applied.
⑤ If we should get user's consent by ②, ③ we should notify the person in charge's name, phone number, division, purpose of collecting, using information scope, related information for the third party (those who received, purpose and contents to provide ) etc. according to the 「law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information」article 22, clause 2, user can withdraw this consent anytime.
⑥ User can request informational viewing correcting on their own information, we have duty to take a step immediately for it. We will not use user's information until it is corrected when users request correcting their personal information.
⑦ We limit the number of operation officer to make the user's information safe and have responsibility for all missing, robbery in spill of user's information including credit card, bank account, disagreement and forgery on offering to the third party.
⑧ We and third party will destroy user's personal information under the case when the purpose and collecting information is accomplished.
⑨ We don't put setting up consent box on collecting, using, offering of user's information as consented. Also we notify specifically on limited service in the case that user doesn't consent for collecting, using and offering personal information. We don't limit or refuse offering service and joining membership for user's refuse to offer personal information which is not essential part to fill up the form.

Article 18. Our Duty

① We do our best to offer product and service steadily by this terms and conditions. We do not conduct against this terms and conditions and good public order or morality.
②To make user can use internet service securely we should have secure system for user's personal information including credit information.
③ According to the 「Act on fair indication and advertisement」article 3, misleading advertising message, if user made a loss we should compensate for it.
④ We don't send advertisement by email for profit making purpose user don't want. Article 19 Duty for user's ID and Password

Article 19 Duty for user's ID and Password

① Member have a responsibility for their ID and password except the case article 17.
② Member should not allow third party to use their ID and password.
③ If member's ID and password are stolen or member recognized that third party used it, should notify it to us and follow our guidance.

Article 20. User's Duty

User should not conduct as follows;
1. Case of requesting or changing : falsely registering contents.
2. Illegally use of other's information.
3. Changing information posted in our mall.
4. Transmission or posting the information (computer program) except we designate.
5. Infringing our or third party's intellectual property rights.
6. Case a slur upon us or third party and working disturbance.
7. Pornography, violent message, violent video, violent voice and information against good public order and customs on our website.

Article 21. Relationship with connecting mall and connected mall

① If higher mall and subordinate mall including picture, letter, video clip are connected by hyperlink we call former mall connecting mall and the latter connected mall.
② If connecting mall post it on pop up screen that connecting mall doesn't have responsibility on transaction between connected mall and customer, connecting mall doesn't take the responsibility.

Article 22. Belongingness and Use Limitation for Copyright

① Intellectual property right as copyright on product or service we made belong to us.
② User should not use or make third party use our intellectual property got from our mall for profit making purpose by duplication, transmitting, broadcasting without our permission
③ If user use copyright belong to user by terms and conditions, we should notify it to user.

Article 23. Settlement of a dispute

① We operate organization for processing compensation to compensate on user's complaint.
② We handle user's complaint immediately. If there is difficulty to handle it we notify the reason and processing immediately to user.
③ If user request damage relief on dispute between user and Selim cybermall, we can follow the adjustment from fair commission or dispute adjustment institute requested by governor or mayor.

Article 24. Jurisdiction and Applicable law

① Suit for e-commerce dispute will be based on user's address and if user doesn't have address, file a suit to the district court in user's residence. But if user doesn't have abode or resident overseas, file a suit a competent court based on the civil proceeding act.
② Korean law will be applied to the e-commerce suit.