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FDI Corporation

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  • 1. (Prior) Investment consultation

    In order to decide the ideal investment type, sufficient consultation about the contents of the foreign investor intends to invest is helpful to save the time and energy to prepare documents and to report the foreign investment accordingly.

    (1) Check business details and identify the sector (Korean Standard Statistical Classification)
    (2) Check investment restrictions stated on Foreign Investment Promotion Act or other Korean law)
    (3) Decide investment type
    • * Decide whether a company is LLC, LC, Corp, etc.
    • * Decide investment amount and stakeholder structure (check whether the investment meets the requirement stated on Foreign Investment Promotion Act)
    (4) Choose business site
    • * Review business site based on contents of a business
    • * Decide whether to rent or acquire a business site
  • 2. Investment report
    (1) investment sector: Contents of investment
       (Had to be recorded based on the Korean Standard Statistical Classification)
    (2) Investment amount: 100million KRW per business
       (modified from 50million KRW to 100million KRW in 2010)
    (3) Investment portion: No less than 10% per business

    (In case the investor is two or more person, the requirements of above (2) and (3) shall be met)

    (4) Name of the investor, an official name, nationality
    (5) Name of invested business, an official name, nationality
    • (Attachment 1) Foreign investment report (format)
    • (Attachment 2) (Power of Attorney) (format)
    (*) In case the business is not subjected to foreign investment report
    • - Report foreign exchange transaction (report securities acquisition) based on Foreign Exchange Transactions Act
    • - It is convenient to open an account of one of the shareholders at the same time.
  • 3. Investment report and confirmation document (Issued immediately)
    (1) Report to Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) or FX bank
    • (Check sectors to be reported), (Check necessary documents)
    (2) In case reporting for entering the country
    • 1) Individual: passport
    • 2) Company: passport of the representative
      Document to verify the company (Copy of corporate registration, copy of business registration certificate of other official documents)
    (3) In case for agencies
    • 1) Notarized letter of investment reporting (some banks require confirmation for Korean consul or Apostille
    • 2) Individual: passport
    • 3) Company: passport of the representative
      Document to verify the company (Copy of corporate registration, copy of business registration certificate of other official documents)
    (4) In case the investment amount is sent in advance, investment reporting has to be made before the exchange
  • 4. Remittance from foreign countries

    (Transferring capital from foreign countries to domestic branches of fx bank)

    (1) Required information
    • 1) Name of the bank e.g) Woori Bank Seoul Global Investment Center, KOOKMIN BANK
    • 2) Name of the sender: Foreign investor
    • 3) Name of the receiver: Name of the company
    • 4) Purpose of the fund: “In order to establish () company, or for investment purpose”
    (2) When to send investment funds
    Generally, it can be made immediately after submitting investment report, but investment can be done before submitting the document.
    However, in case the remittance has been received before filing documents, the fund shall not be exchanged before the filing.
    (Attachment3) Remittance Instruction (Form)
    (3) Issuance of foreign currency certificate
    • 1) Foreign currency purchase certificate or foreign currency deposit certificate
    • 2) Certificate of deposit payment or balance certificate (for corporation registration)
      <= Judicial scrivener can work as an agent for issuing aforementioned documents
    Certificate of Remittance by Bank
    Woori BankEnCh
    Shinhan BankKoEnCh
  • 5. Check documents before implementing the incorporation registration procedure

     The establishment of FDI companies is basically the same as that of a general domestic corporation.
    However, if the shareholders or executives are foreigners, the form of the documents to be prepared is more complicated, and it takes a lot of time to prepare the documents. In addition, the document form will vary depending on whether foreign shareholders or executives can stay in Korea at the time of establishment and proceed with the establishment work.

    (*)Preparation of necessary documents for the company establishment registration is checked based on the attached form.
    (Attachment 4) Preparation for establish FDI company and necessary documents (Form)
    be established for the establishment of a foreign corporation.

  • 6. Registration Procedure

    ((The registration procedure basically the same as that of a general domestic corporation, but note that there are additional documents in preparation of documents for foreign corporations.)( <= Judicial scrivener works as agency for procedures)

    (1) Basic requirements
    • 1) At least 3 directors, including representative director, 1 auditor (In case capital exceeds 1billion KRW)
    • 2) At least 4 shareholder, including a subscriber (More than 3 initiators, 1 subscriber)
    • 3) In case capital amount is less than 1 billion, the company can be established with a total two members, director and auditor
    • 4) In case there is an executive who is not shareholder, notarization process is more simplified)
    (2) Required documents, in case the initiator (shareholder), executive is a foreigner
    • 1) In case the initiator (shareholder) is a foreigner
      ① Three ③ copies of the power of attorney notarized in the home country (Including articles of association, minutes)
      If a foreigner is not present in the country or if he / she shall notarize the letter of attorney which states that the company is delegating the power ○○○.
      ② Copy of passport (if the shareholder is an individual)
      ③ Certificate of a corporate identity (if the shareholder is a corporation)
      (Existence of foreign corporation, document proving representative director and headquarter location)
      ④ If it is possible to issue a seal certificate, like Japan, Taiwan, put a corporation or individual seal and affix seal certificate.
      ⑤ All documents shall be translated.
    • 2) In case the director or auditor is foreigner.
      ① If he/she is not visiting Korea
        - Sign the inauguration letter and letter of proxy (including the seal declaration for representative director) and notarize in the notarized office of the home country or the government office of the home country and issue Apostille.
        - Notarize inaugural letter of attorney with copy of passport
        - passport copy
      ② If he/she is visiting Korea
        - Sign the inauguration letter and letter of proxy (including the seal declaration for representative director) and notarize in the Korean notarized office or the embassy of the home country in Korea and issue Apostille
        - Notarize inaugural letter of attorney with copy of passport
        - passport copy
      ③ If it is possible to issue a seal certificate, like Japan, Taiwan, put corporation or individual seal in the inauguration letter and attach seal certificate, identification card(copy of passport, ID card, driver's license)
      ④ All documents shall be translated.
    • 3) In the case of a foreign representative (additional documents)
      ① Inauguration letter, seal declaration (form), notarized letter and Apostille
      ② Certificate of verifying the company address shall be notarized and issue Apostille (Representative Director's address shall be included)
        - In case there is address certificate, one can verify the address in home country (Japan, Taiwan, etc.)
        - If case there is no address certificate, one shall notarize the address certificate, and issue Apostille.
        (Address cannot be notorized in Korea)
      ③ Copy of passport
  • 7. Completion of corporate registration & application for business registration
    (1) When the corporation registration is completed,

    a copy of the registration certificate, a list of shareholders and a copy of the lease agreement shall be submitted to tax office within the jurisdiction as establishment of FDI(Foreign Direct Invested) company and application for business registration

    (2) Opening the company's bank account

     * When business registration certificate is issued, bank account can be made
     * Transfer the capital account to the company's corporate account
     * Open the corporate banking book and card
     * Initiate business as a corporation

  • 8. Application and issuance of foreign-invested company registration certificate
    (1) FDI company application form (attached file)
     * Copy of corporation registration certificate, business registration certificate
     * "Foreign currency purchase certificate" for received foreign currency fund
    (2) Initiate business activities as a FDI company
  • (*)Issuance of Investment visa (D-8)
    (1) In case of foreign investment 8 days of investment visa can be issued per 100 million won of investment.
    (2) Corporate investment visa (D-8 visa)
  • ☞ Things to check in advance
    1. Check whether the invested amount exceeds 100 million KRW (10% or more) or more than 1 billion KRW.
    2. Confirm that the investor is an individual or corporation
    3. Whether the investor (representative of the corporation) visits Korea
    4. Whether directors are foreigners
    5. Whether a foreign director visits Korea
    6. Whether there is an appointed Korean director or the schedule can be met
    (*) Time schedule table (example)
    Item Period Time Note
    1. Pre-consultation Before transmitting the fund for establishing FDI company 1day Consultation on basic information about the establishing company
    2. Report FDI company After the fund is transmitted 1day Including time for fill in documents
    3. Sending the fund After or before reporting establishment of FDI company 1day Foreign currency
    4. Check necessary documents After transmitting the fund for establishment of the company 7days Check necessary documents
    5. Registration of incorporation After transmitting the fund for establishment of the company (and documents are ready to be submitted) 7days 5 to 7 days including the preparation time
    6. File for company establishment and apply for business registration Immediately after the registration of incorporation 3days Immediately, if there is no significant issues
    7. registration for FDI company after the registration of incorporation 1day  
    (*) register for investment visa (D8) and foreigner registration(staff members) After FDI company is registered *days Only if necessary
    Total Approximately 21days
  • 外国投资者报告程序
    1. (事前)投资咨询


    (1) 投资的业务内容确认,投资的业务类型确认(韩国标准产业分类表)
    (2) 外国投资促进法上或者个别法令上是否投资限制行业确认
    (3) 投资形式决定

    * 股份公司、有限公司等法人形式的决定
    * 投资额、股权结构的决定(是否符合外国人投资促进法的要求? 确认)

    (4) 事业场选定

    * 根据业务内容审查选择工作场所
    * 确定是否租用或者购置业务场所

    2. 投资报告的写(国文本或者英文本2部写)
    (1) 投资行业: 投资项目的内容(韩国标准产业分类表上记录到细细分类)
    (2) 投资额: 每件1亿韩元以上(2010年底从5千万韩元变更1亿韩元)
    (3) 投资比率: 每件10%以上

    2人以上的话, 各各应该有以上的第(2)(3)款的要求)

    (4) 投资者商号、名称和国籍
    (5) 投资企业的商号、名称和地址

    (附添1) 新股等由于购置的外国投资申报书(样式)
    (附添2) 投资委任状(Power of Attorney)(样式)
    (*) 如果不是外国投资申报对象的话

    3. 投资申报和投资申报证书交付(立即交付)
    (1) 韩国贸易投资促进公司(Kotra)或者向外汇银行报告

    (报告对象的行业确认), (申报具备文件确认)

    (2) 本人入境申报的场合

    ① 个人:护照
    ② 法人 : 代表护照
    公司证明书 (公司注册簿副本 、营业执照副本,其他公的证明书)

    (3) 代理人的场合

    ① 公证得到的投资申报委任状
    (根据银行韩国领事确认或者 apostille/公文书国外认证制度要求)
    ② 个人:护照
    ③ 法人(公司): 法人(公司)代表护照
    公司证明书 (公司登记证、企业登记证,其他公的书面 )

    (4) 从投资国提前汇款的场合


    4. 从外国投资金汇款


    (1) 汇款时必需记载的事项

    ① 接收银行名称 : (举例) Woori Bank Seoul Global Investment Center
    ② 汇款人名:外国投资者
    ③ 收件人名称 : 新设或合资企业名称
    ④ 资金用途 : “( ) “公司设立或者投资资金用
    New establishment of company (ⓝⓐⓜⓔ)
    this fund is for the establishment of ( ). co

    (2) 投资资金汇款的时期

    但是, 在报告前收到汇款的场合,申报前不能兑换
    (附添3) 各银行汇款说明(Remittance Instruction)(样式)

    (3) 签发外汇证书发给

    ① 外汇购买证明书或者外汇存款证明书
    ② 存款证明书或者余额证明书公司登记用)
    <= 在法务士办公室申请代行

    5. 公司(法人)设立登记程序执行前准备文件检查

    (附添 4) 外国人投资法人设立 准备事项和准备文件一览(样式)
    但是,如果股东或者委员是外国人的场合, 需要准备的文件的形式往往会更加,

    6. 法人设立登记程序

    (登记程序按照一般法人的设立程序. 但是要注意外国人投资法人的场合在准备文件上有追加的准备事项) (<-在法务士办公室业务代行)

    (1) 基本事项

    1) 包括董事长(代表理事),理事3人以上,监事1人以上(资本金10亿以上的场合)
    2) 股东订购人包括4名以上 (发起人3名, 订购人1名以上 ),
    3) (资本金10亿以下的场合, 理事和监事一共2名可以设立)
    4) (如果委员中有一名不是股东的话,在法人设立的时候公证事务省略等简化了)

    (2) 法人(公司)的发起人(股东),委员是外国人的场合具备文件

    ① 发起人(股东)是外国人(外国法人)的场合
      1) 从本国公证收到的投资委任状3本(包括定款和议事录公证委任)
      2) 护照副本(如果股东是个人)
      3) 法人(公司)证明书(如果股东是法人)
      (外国法人的存在, 代表理事/董事长 和总部所在地证明的文件)
      例如,公司登记证或者 营业执照,其他公的证书
      4) 如果日本和台湾等印鉴证明书发行可以国家的话,在公证用委任状上面吧法人或者个人印鉴盖章以后,附添印鉴证明书
      5) 必须所有的文件被翻译
    ② 如果理事和监事是外国人的场合,以下的方法中选择一
      1) 未入境的场合
      - 签名在就任承诺书和议事录公证委任状(代表理事/董事长是印鉴申报书包括),吧这些文件公证(在本国公证办公室或者在本国办公厅),然后Apostille(公文国外认证制度)。
      - 跟就任承诺书护照副本附添公证
      - 护照副本
      2) 入境的场合
      - 签名在就任承诺书和议事录公证委任状(代表理事/董事长 是印鉴申报书包括),吧这些文件公证(在韩国公证办公室或者在韩国驻在大使馆,领事馆公证)
      - 跟就任承诺书护照副本附添公证
      - 护照副本
      3) 如果日本和台湾等印鉴证明书和地址证明书发行可以国家的话,在就任承诺书上面印鉴盖章以后,印鉴证明书和身份证(护照副本,居民登记副,驾驶执照)附添
      4) 必须所有的文件被翻译
    ③ 外国人代表理事/董事长的场合(添加准备)
      1) 就任承诺书,印鉴申报书(样式),议事录公证委任状签字公证Apostille(公文国外认证制度)
      2) 地址证明书签字公证Apostille(公文国外认证制度)(代表理事/董事长必须添加地址证明书)
      - 有地址证明书的场合,本国地址证明书(日本和台湾等)
      - 没有地址证明书的场合,在本国地址公证Apostille

    7. 法人登记结束 & 营业登记 申请
    (1) 法人登记结束以后,当即营业登记申请


    (2) 法人(公司)账户开户等

    * 营业执照发给以后,账户开户可以,所以账户开户以后
    * 吧转入银行存入的资本金到法人账户汇款·
    * 法人(公司)账户和法人(公司)卡片新开
    * 准备开始作为一家法人(公司)营业活动

    8. 外国人投资法人登记证书申请和交付
    (1) 外国人投资企业登记申请书

    * 法人(公司)登记簿副本, 营业执照
    * “外汇购买证明书“关于资本金流入的外汇资金

    (2) 营业活动开始作为一家外国人投资企业

    (1) 外国人投资的场合,投资金额1亿(韩元)当1件的D-8投资签证发给可以的。
    (2) 企业投资签证(D-8 签证)
    在投资签证申请的时候,要提交登记簿等法人(公司) 设立关联文件和

    ☞ 事先确认需要的重要事项
    1. 投资资金是否超过1亿韩元 (是否超过10%)或者10亿韩元
    2. 确认投资者是个人还是法人(公司)
    3. 是否投资者(法人代表)国内入境
    4. 委员是否外国人
    5. 是否外国人委员国内入境
    6. 是否韩国委员任命和是否外投日程进行可以

    (*) 按照日程需要的时间 (示例)

    区分 时机 需要的
    1. 事前咨询 外国人投资企业设立研究
    1天 咨询关于建立基础和
    2. 外国人投资企业申报 外资 汇款确定后 1天 包括文件开具时间
    3. 投资金汇款 外国人投资企业申报前后 1天 外汇
    4. 确认文件准备状态 投资金汇款后 7天 确认设立文件准备状态
    5. 法人(公司)设立登记 投资金汇款后
    (文件准备确认后 )
    7天 包括准备期间5-7天
    6. 设立申报和营业执照 申请 法人(公司)设立登记后 立刻 3天 通常情况下立刻
    7. 外国人投资企业登记 法人(公司)设立登记后 1天  
    (*)投资签证(D8)和外国人登记(委员和职员) 外国人投资企业登记后 *天 需要的时候
    需要时间一共   21天 (+)(-) @