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Outsourcing Service

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Outsoucing Service

  • Ⅰ. Outsoucing
    1. What is outsourcing?
     Outsourcing refers to the business practice of entrusting professionals outside of a company with services performed by its own employees to ensure operational efficiency and fully concentrate on their business to stay competent.
    2. How will outsourcing help your business?
      When a business fails to quickly adapt to fast changing economic situations, it would lose competitiveness in the market. Especially for a big company it is more tricky to react flexible for the changes. That is where outsourcing is needed. Businesses should develop core abilities and manage intensive administrative work. Therefore it is getting more and more important to take strategic measures to the challenges the businesses are facing today. Here are how you get benefits from outsourcing.
    • First, to focus on core competence and enhance core capabilities

       Outsourcing allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors by outsourcing expense-consuming and ineffective work and focusing on core competencies.

    • Second, to ensure flexibility and diversify risks

       Outsourcing enables businesses to react more flexibly to changes in business circumstances such as the market, competition, and technologies by facilitate them to brace for the changes. It contributes to create a buffer zone for the aftermath of the changes.

    • Third, to create higher added value in their main business

       Outsourcing frees up internal resources that could be put into more effective use such as creating added value. The will be able to focus more on their core business processes.

    • Fourth, to reduce costs

       Outsourcing saves operational and labor costs. By outsourcing labor-intensive work, businesses reduce costs and maximize the efficiency of work. This is one of the greatest reasons why companies choose to outsource.

    • Fifth, to expand network and employee expert knowledge

       Outsourcing makes it possible to have access to a team of experts of experience and knowledge in accounting. Businesses will be able to expand and gain access to resources not available internally.

    3. Why should you outsource to Selim?
     Accounting service is a total process which includes bookkeeping, tax adjustment and tax filing.
     As tax laws and regulations are getting tougher, companies are more likely to have difficulty in ensuring full compliance of them. That is the biggest reason why more and more businesses are looking for tax and accounting outsourcing service.

     Selim is providing tailored tax and accounting service to companieswhich would fit into their corporation. We offer total accounting services or outsourcing services for payroll. Our well-experienced CTAs provide a wide range of services from tax consultancy to measures to solve financial problems. We focus on communication with our clients and make efforts to listen to what our clients want to react promptly to their needs.
    4. Outsourcing Process
  • Ⅱ. Selim's Outsourcing Service scope
    Spec 1. Payroll Outsourcing
    • 1. Payroll

      1) Drawing up individual payrolls based on annual salary
      2) Calculation of individual withholding tax and four insurance contribution
      3) Drawing up a company payroll table & reports
      4) Drawing up a salary request form
      5) Mailing a payslip to employees
      6) Monthly filing withholding tax and year-end tax adjustment

      2. Four Key Social Insurance

      1) Join and cancellation
      2) Notification of change of subscribers
      3) (Interim) settlement

    Spec 2. Accounting Outsourcing (Payroll incl.)

    1. All payroll service in [spec 1]
    2. Consultation services on accounting and tax issues through monthly conference calls
    3. Bookkeeping and monthly closing report
    4. Added Value tax filing
    5. Quarterly and semi-annual report & corporate tax filing
    6. Monthly visit to clients and evidential document management
    7. Tax and bookkeeping training
    8. Establishment of measures to reduce tax amount