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Greetings from the CEO
This Chang Jin Kim, CEO of the Selim Tax-Accounting Firm(“Selim”).
Selim has been providing quality tax services to not only domestic client but also
companies and investors overseas for over 25 years since 1994.
In particular, Selim devoted more than 15 years of company's history for
the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies, so that we become one of the well-known
and beloved Korea tax consulting companies by various foreign clients all over the world.
Foreign companies, welcome to invest in Korea!
Selim is ready to serve foreign investor's needs regardless of time and subject.
We will help you to set up a FDI company in Korea and it's tax issues occurred in Korea
The following is a brief explanation of Selim's working scope for the FDI companies.
First, we guide to establish a FDI company in Korea in accordance with the following procedure.
  • ① Pre-consulting
  • ② Guide for a necessary documents
  • ③ Reporting establishment of FDI company
  • ④ Guide for fund transfer
  • ⑤ Check necessary documents
  • ⑥ Registration process
  • ⑦ Apply for business registration license
  • ⑧ Overall process for a FDI company for acquiring business registration license
Second, we act for our foreign client to record financial transactions, bookkeeping, and provide consulting services for operating FDI companies.
Third, we support submitting a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual financial reporting to headquarters overseas. And we also provide frequently a tax review paper to the HQ if the HQ requests.
Fourth, we guide tax affairs based on tax treaty after establishing a FDI company in Korea, by reviewing tax treaty that can be applied on expense, royalties and dividends paid to overseas HQ, and handle tasks for withholding taxes as an agency.
Fifth, we deal with transfer pricing(TP) issues occurred from transactions of goods and services with overseas related parties by reviewing tax issues on the concerned TP documentation and providing a review paper on transfer price with strategy for the company's preparation.
Sixth, we provide tax reconciliation services, and report the income tax and corporate tax to the tax authority on behalf of the FDI company along with submission of all additional documents compulsory for FDI companies based on Adjustment of International Taxes Act and tax treaty.
Selim is here to answer all questions which clients may have while operating FDI companies in Korea. Licensed tax accountants with numerous experiences stand ready to work with our clients. In addition, we have an in-house interpreter who can communicate with overseas HQ(investor). FDI companies in Korea often need to communicate with overseas HQ via telephone or e-mail. A professional interpreter, who can fluently communicate with overseas investor is working with us to streamline work process. We look forward to working with you.
Global entrepreneurs!
You are very welcome to invest in Korea.
Selim Tax-Accounting Firm proudly serves our clients to make a success in Korea.
We go with our clients success.
We will be true your partner and help you to reach your goals.
Thank you.
January 3, 2019
Chang-jin Kim, CEO