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  • 01. Why company needs advisory & consulting service?
    • Nowadays many kinds of business issues are more complicated and diversified in line with the rapid change of business environment.
      Also the Tax code are continuously changed according to the change of government policy and therefore the past experience can’t cope with current changed business regulation any more. After drawn up new law and regulations, it’s hard to solve all of the cases by themselves.
    • Especially, tax issues are quite sophisticated and irrevocable case if done without the outside tax specialist or new regulations.Frequently company is simply relied on the past experience however it causes to bear the more tax burden than the tax advisory cost due to the various additional tax, penalty and etc.
    • To avoid these kinds of difficulties, Selim are providing the tax advisory service for small-medium size, new entry and foreign investment company with reasonable fees compared to big accounting firms. Although company can bookkeep and file the accounting and tax report itself, Selim will find and provide the best tax-saving solutions under the revised tax code and regulation environments and it’ll pay the company’s future value.
  • 02. Who needs the advisory & consulting service?
    • Selim are mainly focused and specialised on the consulting & advisory service for the clients which are doing their own bookkeeping, VAT return and withholding tax return but outsourcing the external audit and corporate income tax return of medium-size Company.
    • Especially, when company encounter the exceptional transaction or trade and need to get the outside consulting however company are just relying on the friend’s opinions or internet information. In this case the outside advisory is indispensable to minimize the future tax risk burden.
    • Outside specialist can be coped with the rapid change of tax related matters and protected company asset from the various risks from the tax consulting & advisory service. Selim offers the various types of tax advisory service which can be used by monthly basis, time base, case by case, etc. as requested by company. Selim are always with you with the optimal service.
  • 03. Benefits from Selim’s advisory
    • Most of the generally well-known transactions or the method of accounting treatment may not be acceptable on tax point of view.
    • Of course, tax code is drafted from the economic environment however it does not allowed all type of business as a deductible expenses mainly due to the purpose of securing national finance. As normal practices, “we’ve done last ….” Or “somebody said it can do like this…”, if company simply relies on this practice and in a near future company must bear the irrevocable financial loss.
    • If company arise any questions during the normal operation process and ask it to outside firm, it’s possible to pay the fees and looks a loss. Through the outside advice, company can find & set the accurate operation process and therefore can be avoided the unintentional error in advance which are raised the future tax risk.
    • It can be relieved the accounting staff’s stress from the inaccurate tax treatment and made more comfortable working conditions. In other word, tax advisory service can be provided a type of “Tax Insurance” function as a these kinds of risk factors.