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Outsourcing Service

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Accounting Outsourcing

  • Ⅰ. Accounting Outsourcing
     We are living in an era where everything is changing. As business circumstances changes fast, businesses should follow them up not to lag behind. To survive, focusing on core abilities is the key to success.

     Outsourcing would allow you to concentrate your limited resources to your core business. You will be able to make use of your resources in where they are in dire need to outperform your competitors.

     Specialists in Selim are well-experienced in tax industry and have accumulated know-how acquired working with our clients. Expertise of your workers will be used to make profits of your company and you can entrust accounting to us. Our services include bookkeeping, payroll, and four key insurance. We have been gained good feedback from our clients.

     Selim provides accurate accounting information in a timely matter. Our CTAs and specialists are readily available to support you.
  • Ⅱ. Accounting Outsourcing Business information
    1. Five reasons you choose Selim as your accounting partner

    1) Save time wasted for tax filing
    2) Avoid penalties due to under-report or unreport
    3) Concentrate on core abilities
    4) Capitalize on expertise of tax professionals
    5) Reduce expenses by cutting tax amount

    2.Service scope of accounting outsourcing

    1) Monthly visit to clients and evidential document management
    2) Bookkeeping, monthly closing report
    3) VAT tax filing
    4) Quarterly and semi-annual settlement and filing corporte tax
    5) Monthly conference call (advisory on accounting and tax issues)
    6) Prepare a report to the headquarters
    7) Support startups
    8) Establish plans to reduce tax
    9) Provide training for in-house accounting employees

    3. Service fees
    Fees are charged based on

    1) Business category and sales volume
    2) Scope of service
    3) Financial situations of clients

     (*) Monthly fees for accounting outsourcing and tax adjustment are separately charged.
     Please refer to the file attached for details for service charge
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