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Payroll Outsourcing

  • Ⅰ. Payroll Outsourcing
      If you are considering payroll outsourcing due to a lack of labor and financial resources Selim will relieve your burden with cost-effective measures.

     Payroll is very complicated and labor, time consuming job. Your payroll staff should keep trained to stay compliant with the national tax regulations. It also increases the risks that your core abilities are wasted and adversely affected by the job. Therefore payroll outsourcing is critically needed.
    ※ Reasons for payroll and four key insurance outsourcing
    ① Save time, money, and energy for payroll
    ② Prompt payroll settlement and four key insurance registration
    ③ Boost core capabilities of company wasted for payroll job
    ④ Avoid penalties due to un-registered, under-registered taxes, or missed deadlines
    ⑤ Providing details about wages by individual payslips
  • Ⅱ. Payroll Outsourcing Business information
    1.Payroll Outsourcing
    • 1) Payroll

      ① Provide individual payslips
      ② Calculation of individual withholding tax and insurance contribution
      ③ Payroll table for a company as a whole
      ④ Issue an order for payroll transfer when requested
      ⑤ Mail individual payslips
      ⑥ Monthly withholding tax report and year-end adjustment
      ⑦ Train in-house employee in charge of payroll and year-end adjustment

      2) Four Key Insurance

      ① Register entry and cancellation
      ② Report the change of qualification
      ③ Register cancellation of retirees
      ④ settlement of insurance

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