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Application of Outsourcing

Payroll & Accounting Outsourcing
Choi Yu-jung
Pratice Director
Kang Sam-yeop
(Payroll Outsourcing)
The payroll outsourcing service includes all services related to payroll and four social insurance.
Depending on our clients' needs, we customize the payroll services by offering
payroll list, payroll statement, and four social insurance administration services.
Experienced tax professionals are in charge of payroll services in Selim.

(Total Accounting Oursourcing)
Selim provides total accounting outsourcing services tailored to clients
Our well-experienced professionals deliver solutions that works for cusomters' business.
Selim's total outsourcing services includes tax advisory, tax investigation, accounting, bookkeeping, preparation of financial reports, and tax return preparation, training of staff members..etc
A wealth of experience in different situations, Selim provides accurate and timely information for our clients.
We are proud of our outstanding team with a variety of special knowledge in tax and accunting
and accumaulated experiences as tax accountants.
(Payroll Outsourcing)

(Total Accounting Outsourcing)
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