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Welcome message from CEO

Welcome to Selim Tax Accounting Firm.


This website is to introduce common tax knowledgeto the public.  
The basic principle of the website to help public to easily access to taxinformation, law and regulation.

Furthermore, we provide how to address theproblem one might face on actual business duties. Solutions for each situation canbe found in bulletin board and organized based on the industry sector.  

If information mentioned on the website isnot enough to fulfill your demand, feel free to contact us. How to visit ouroffice is explained in detail on the website. (Office Location) We providespecial privilege for clients, who makes a visit to our office withreservation.

Your call for the face to face meeting will be very welcomed. 
This site provides you how you can visit us for consulting (please refer theoffice "Location" ).
Please apply for Tax Advisory & Consulting in website or visit ourLocation. 
The visit after reservation shall be preferentially treated. 

The followings are specialized business fields of Serim Tax Corporation.

Selim is specialized in services for foreigndirect investment (FDI) companies with variety of experience.

Unlike general Korean domestic companies, some FDI companies are required tofile additional tax reporting. Those reporting has to be made monthly orperiodically. Selim can help out for making a financial reporting for specialsubjects during year, additional reporting on the financial closing.

Selim is also strong in nurturing startups. Selim provides professional andpractical consulting that is required for startups to initiate business.In addition, Selim works as a bridge role for startups to grow as competitivemedium-sized company.


Generally, startups struggle for lack ofbusiness experience, tax knowledge and setting appropriate accounting policy evenif the company has strong technology competitiveness. This hinders startups toleap forward to the next level. Selim fully understands agony of startups andwe are providing tailored, professional consulting service. We are confident ourservice would bring startups to the next level. .


Please feel free to surf our website( and visit our office.
Your tax problem will be cleared easily, speedily and correctly!
Thank you.

Chang- jin Kim / Representative CTA