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Bookkeeping Service

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Bookkeeping service fee

01. Bookkeeping service
Number Revenue size of a company Basic monthly service fee Foreign-funded enterprise
1 Under 300m KRW 150,000KRW -
2 Under 500m KRW 200,000KRW 300,000KRW
3 Under 1bn KRW 250,000원 350,000원
4 Under 1.5bn KRW 300,000KRW 400,000KRW
5 Under 2bn KRW 350,000KRW 450,000KRW
6 Under 3bn KRW 400,000KRW 500,000KRW
7 Under 5bn KRW 500,000KRW 600,000KRW
8 Under 10bn KRW 700,000KRW 800,000KRW
9 Under 20bn KRW 1,000,000KRW 1,100,000KRW
10 Over 20bn KRW Service fee shall be negotiated
(*) The company offers 10% discount of service fee for individual businesses owner.
(*) In case monthly report is provided, 40% of additional service fee shall be charged on basis service fee and minimum additional fee is 200,000KRW.
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