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Bookkeeping Service

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A scope of work

  • 01. Account bookkeeping service
    • General account bookkeeping service process

      • 1) Perform quarterly or semi-annual closing based on client’s request
      • 2) Receiving data: Receiving data within one month after the end of each quarter
      • 3) Financial reporting: Report within one or two months after data is received
    • Monthly closing reporting process

      • 1) Monthly financial reporting (when monthly closing contract was signed)
      • 2) Receiving data : Receiving data within 5 to 10 days after the end of each month
      • 3) Financial reporting: Report within 5 to 15 days after data is received
  • 02. Monthly payroll service
    • Payroll calculation service

    • Withholding tax reporting and relevant tasks (monthly)

    • Four major social insurances tasks (monthly)

    • Management of issued judicial summons

  • 03. VAT reporting service (quarterly)
  • 04. Brief job training service for staff member in charge
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