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  • 01. Advisory service of Foreign Direct Investment Company
    • Setup of FDI in Korea (Advisory of FDI setup, Certificate of FDI from government)
    • Operational Advisory(FDI's operational tax advisory, International tax compliance)
    • Accounting reporting to HQ (Preparation and advisory for Monthly, Quarterly, Year-end's closing.
      Email reporting and reporting in Client's ERP system)
    • Transfer price consulting (Review & report of arm's length price computation, pre- notice work)
    • Tax Exemption for the high-tech company, others.
    • All advisory & consulting services in diverse communication channel including Conference Call
  • 02. Advisory for start-up company and operation tax
    • Support for pre-company preparation ( advisory for setup process, preparation of company registration code)
    • Initial operational support (training for Basic tax knowledge and accounting staffs)
    • Advisory for the tax and accounting system and operation
    • Others (Venture Business registration, Advisory for R&D center and staffs organization for tax saving issues)
  • 03. Advisory for Merger and Acquisition
    • Company valuation (specialized on tax benefits from M & A)
    • M & A's operational process (Procedures, M&A Ratios, Analysis for financial structure)
    • Review of corporate Income Tax for liquidation income
    • Review of deemed donation for shareholders
    • Review of constructive dividends for predecessor company's shareholders
    • Review for local tax when new company is acquired assets from M&A
    • Review of deficit carried forward on tax and goodwill, etc
  • 04. Pay roll service – Oursourcing
    • Report and return service for social security insurance
    • Social security report for new entl)' and retirement of company staff
    • Preparation & mailing service for individual payroll by month
    • Report and return service for withholding tax and annual income tax by staff
    • Issuance service for tax-related certificate by staff
  • 05. Tax Investigation & Disobedience
    • Tax Planning & Mock- tax investigation before NTS's notice
    • Pre- preparation process after the notice of NTS
    • P roxy of observation and legal defense during the site investigation
    • Tax disobedience advisory of tax notice from NTS
    • Formal objection process for tax impose both legal and administrative
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