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Incorporation Service

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Consulting Service Fee

  • 01. Establishing Consulting Fee
    Establishing consulting fee → 50% discount service.
    (1) Fee for establishing consulting service and registration of foreign investment corporation is KRW 1,000,000
    in the case of corporation capital under KRW 1,000,000,000.
    If you use our bookkeeping service and consulting service after getting our establishing consulting service, the cost for establishing consulting service and registration will be discounted into 50% from above price.
    (2) We are in alliance with judicial scrivener, patent attorney and venture capital firm. If you use our service you can use legal service from judicial scrivener, patent service from patent attorney, founding investment consulting service from venture capital firm with discounted price or free.
    (3) Apart from our service, registration fee and judicial scrivener fee for corporation registration will be charged separately.
  • 02. Affiliated Company Service.
    • Registration service → judicial scrivener
    • Patent service → license corporation
    • Financial support service for founding → Venture capital investment consulting co.