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Hello, Welcome to visit Selim's Internet Website ("Tax Accounting Firm")
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      Your reliable Business Partner for Start-up Venture Business
      We, SELIM Tax & Accounting, are great on the Venture Business and offer you the various way of Start-up services for your successful business.
      Our practical consulting based on our rich experience and knowledge will cover your diverse requirements of the Start-up Venture business.
      To put it concretely, services include.

      (1) business consulting on the requirements beforehand the establishment of corporation or private company (non-incorporated)
      (2) support for cooperation registration and business license
      (3) support for private business license
      (4) business consulting on the diverse requirements in the initial stage of the venture business operation
        - Accounting & Bookkeeping
        - Tax consulting
        - Basic consulting on the financial operation and banking accounts operation plan
             (from a tax perspective and financial stability perspective)
        - Services from the affiliated professionals as link service
             (patent agency service, judicial agency service, financial service, etc.)
      We are confident that we can play a role of bridge to bring you to a competitive and larger Venture Business through the stable settlement process in the initial stage.

      In general, the Start-up Venture business is characterized by technology competitiveness.But we’ve learned that many of them are suffering from the lack of the business operation experience or setting up wrong Tax and Accounting policy due to the lack of knowledge in Tax and Accounting at the beginning, and it is difficult for them to bring themselves to the next level.

      Having many of those cases of the Start-up Venture business telling us the importance of the solidifying of the Tax & Account practices, the more focused and professional consulting will be provided to uncork the bottlenecks of the Start-up Venture business.
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