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Incorporation Service

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Incorporation Procedure

  • 01. The prior consulting
    • Kick-off meeting which is intending to incorporate new company
    • Understanding of Client's basic information
    • Confirmation of business type and purpose in the Articles of Incorporation
    • Confirmation of BOD's member
    • Confirmation of Paid-in Capital, member of Shareholder, source of fund and etc
  • 02. Preparation of Company Setup List and Guidance of Documents List
    • Based on the prior consulting, the specific setup stage are proposed by the preparation of Company Setup List
    • Guidance of the required documents for filing the commercial registeration.
  • 03. Preparation of initial Capital and assignment to Selim
    • Guidance of the Paid-in-Capital's transfer and certificate of Bank balance till the date of registeration filing.
    • Assignment to Selim which is guided to file the registration in advance
  • 04. Report to Ministry of Justice
    • Report to file the company setup in due course
  • 05. Report to National Tax Service(NTS)
    • After finishing the company registration, Selim will proceed the business registration at National Tax Service.
    • To prepare the office rental agreement.
Procedure for the investment registration of foreigner

Procedure for the investmentregistration of foreigner



1.Consulting for the investment

2.filling up the investment filing in Korean or English.

3.Investment filing and certificate of completion of report

 * filing in the Korean Exchange Bank headoffice

4.Capital remittance from abroad

5.Issuing certification.

 Certificate of purchased foreign currency,Certificate of payment for the share

6.Procedure for the registration of corporate company

7.Finishing corporate registration and requesting business license.

8.Requesting certificate of foreigner investment corporation registration


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