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Incorporation Service

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Incorporation Procedure

  • 01. The prior consulting
    • Kick-off meeting which is intending to incorporate new company
    • Understanding of Client's basic information
    • Confirmation of business type and purpose in the Articles of Incorporation
    • Confirmation of BOD's member
    • Confirmation of Paid-in Capital, member of Shareholder, source of fund and etc
  • 02. Preparation of Company Setup List and Guidance of Documents List
    • Based on the prior consulting, the specific setup stage are proposed by the preparation of Company Setup List
    • Guidance of the required documents for filing the commercial registeration.
  • 03. Preparation of initial Capital and assignment to Selim
    • Guidance of the Paid-in-Capital's transfer and certificate of Bank balance till the date of registeration filing.
    • Assignment to Selim which is guided to file the registration in advance
  • 04. Report to Ministry of Justice
    • Report to file the company setup in due course
  • 05. Report to National Tax Service(NTS)
    • After finishing the company registration, Selim will proceed the business registration at National Tax Service.
    • To prepare the office rental agreement.
Total : 13