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Job stability supporting money

                    Job stability supporting money


                                                                               Date : 3rd Jan 2018

                                                                               Written by Jang, Sun Woo CTA

                                                                               Translated by Park, Eun Kyung


. Outline


Minimumwages increased to the 7,530 KRW from 2018.

Itis 16.4% increased compared with last year.

Governmentdecided to support small business operator and medium and small firm.


. Job stability supporting money


1.Job stability supporting money


Toreduce employment instability for a worker.

Tosupport business operator for management.


2.Supporting object


Businessoperator who has less 30 employees.

Fulltime employee, daily employee and temporary are included.

Ifa business operator who has apartment house guard and cleaning man as employeecan be supported even though over 30 employees.


3.Supporting condition


1)Business operator who pay each 1900,000 monthly.

2)Comply minimum wage and take out unemployment insurance

3)Affiliate party of business operator is excluded.




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