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System of Resident Registration for Korean National Abroad


·Theperson who want to live in Korea over 30 days as emigrated Korean according tothe Act on the immigration and legal status of overseas Korean article 2, clause 1, the person who got permanent residency ofabroad, and is living in abroad for residing permanently, didn’t filing forpermanent repatriation according to the emigration act.

·The personwho emigrated to abroad after 2015. Jan 22nd.

Issuingidentification card for Korean national abroad.

·object: Korean national abroad full 17 years old or over.

·Procedure: Submit application to the town hall, Myeon office or community servicecenter.

Filingmethod for resident registration

·Procedure:In the case of entering and leaving Korea for over 30 days.

*Overseasemigration report automatically settled as report of emigration to foreign country.

·Documentsneeded : Document to confirm foreign national abroad.

·Location: Town hall office ,Myeon office or community service center of residentialdistrict.

*Summaryof system on resident registration for Korean national abroad.

Case 1. The person who has identification cardgoing abroad for emigrant: Keeping resident registration card (resident Korean national abroad).

·Noncollection and inability of certification of residence.

·Issuingcertification of residence of Korean national abroad.

 2. Permitting of resident registration forKorean national abroad :

Permitting resident registration. (eraser ofcertificate of residence : register as Korean national abroad.


Non eraser of certificate of residence: newlyregister as Korean national abroad.)

When Korean national abroad establish domesticcorporation there need not certificate of residence for foreigners. There isonly need resident certificate for Korean national abroad and seal. It is easyfor Korean national abroad to establish domestic corporation and invest.   



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